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Refreshing protein drink for your summer shape: This is Iso Whey Zero Clear

Refreshing protein drink for your summer shape: This is Iso Whey Zero Clear

A refreshing drink always feels nice with the good weather, but what if you want it to be delicious, light, healthy and possibly even help you lose weight? If this is what you are looking for, then a protein drink is the best choice. But which one to choose if the usual creamy flavor isn’t what we crave in the summer heat?

Benefits of a protein drink

A protein drink has many benefits if you want to lose weight or get shredded. We already know that protein is the building block of our muscles, so it is essential for building that desired muscle mass you work so hard to get at the gym or at home. At the same time, few people are aware that consuming increased amounts of protein is extremely beneficial; no matter if your goal is to lose a few extra pounds or to maintain your muscle mass during the hot summer months when it is extra hard to keep up with your healthy routine and to train with weights and gym machines.

Among its many benefits, it is important to emphasize that protein maintains your metabolism even with reduced caloric intake, and it also keeps you full, helping you reduce your cravings for sweets as a delicious, sweet refreshing drink!

Why is higher protein intake important during shredding and weight loss?

Why is higher protein intake important during shredding and weight loss?

Muscle is what gives us a toned and well-formed shape, something we don’t want to lose when we are in a weight-loss journey. Yet, if you simply eat less and don’t pay attention to the proportion of the nutrients your eat, you have a high chance of losing muscle mass. This is disadvantageous because the muscles need more nutrients and if you take in too few calories, your metabolism will slow down trying to get the most of those few nutrients and you will lose weight at first, but your hormonal system will be disrupted and your body will fight weight loss as a way to protect itself. This is why you see people quickly gaining weight back after going through severe weight-loss with the help of those trendy Internet diets that are not sustainable for the body.

This is exactly why it’s important to, not only reduce your calorie intake, but also pay attention to what you consume and the nutrients it contains! Muscle is made up of amino acids, which are obtained by breaking down the protein you take in, so to maintain your muscle mass, you need to increase your protein intake. Since it is advisable to reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake when you want to lose weight, you can increase your protein intake and still manage to remain in calorie deficit.

So what do you need to do to keep your muscles from breaking down?

It is advisable to increase your daily protein intake. A protein shake is a very practical solution for this, as it contains as much protein per serving as, for example, 100 g of meat. It is not very easy to take the required daily amount of protein just from meat, as it can be up to 1.5-2 g per kilogram of body weight. And on the beach, it’s much more enjoyable to have a refreshing fruity drink, than to take out a cold and dry grilled chicken breast.

Why is it so practical to have a protein shake?

Why is it so practical to have a protein shake?

Not only the positive effects of a protein drink are worth mentioning. As it just needs to be diluted in water, you can take a protein shake with you anywhere in powder form without spoiling or going bad. All you need is a shaker and a few deciliters of water to shake it off easily and it is ready to be consumed, either at the beach or in front of your desk at work. Some ice cubes will also come in handy to keep the drink refreshing in the heat of the summer!

A refreshing protein drink?

In the summer we want a cold, refreshing drink. The creamy protein shakes available is flavors like chocolate or vanilla, although still very helpful and convenient, might not be what we want during a sunny day to feel refreshed. But now you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as your can also choose light, fruity flavors.

So which protein drink should you choose? Here is the refreshing Iso Whey Zero Clear!

The offer is huge in the food supplements market, but Iso Whey Zero has already proven that its composition and taste are extremely popular. However, the fruity taste of Iso Whey Zero Clear is better suited to the refreshing breeze of the summer as its ice-cold version is, not only filled with protein, but also cools you down in the heat.

You can choose from peach iced tea, tropical fruit and lime flavors. Each is also suitable for making a great non-alcoholic cocktail, thus increasing its useful nutrient content. Just try it! You don’t even have to worry if you’re lactose or gluten sensitive, or if you are trying to avoid sugar, as Iso Whey Zero Clear doesn’t contain either.

On top of that, it contains only 88 kcal per serving (even less than the calorie content of the already well-known and creamy Iso Whey Zero), but it contains the same amount of protein: 21 g!

Give it a try, instead of the usual creamy flavors, taste the world of refreshing, fruity, and summery of flavors!