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Less Plastic More Care – with 87% less plastic for the environment

Less Plastic More Care – with 87% less plastic for the environment

As one of Europe’s largest and most dynamically growing manufacturers of nutritional supplements, we have committed ourselves to sports and a healthy lifestyle. We seek to use our products and expertise to help as many people globally as we can to achieve their goals. From now on, besides conscious eating, we also offer an alternative to conscious shopping! We have taken the first steps to manufacture the packaging of our products using less plastic, as well as to encourage our customers to shop more environmentally consciously.

Our campaign called ‘Less Plastic More Care’ seeks to call the attention of our customers to the fact that, when buying our protein powders, now they have an option to choose more environmentally friendly packaging within BioTechUSA’ range instead of the large plastic bottles.

Every great change begins with a small step

According to the findings of research conducted in 2018-, since 1950, about 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced globally, of which only 600 million tons were recycled – which is only 9% of the amount produced! Year by year, about one tenth of the amount produced ends up in the oceans and other natural waters, causing irreversible damages to the flora and fauna.

Having realised the problem, from now on our company will offer an alternative to large plastic protein bottles and enable our customers to purchase their favourite protein powders in a packaging that contributes to reducing the use of this material. Besides the existing packaging amounts (25 g, 500 g, 908 g and 2,270 g), the Iso Whey Zero whey protein isolate is also offered in a 1,816 g bag, which requires 87% less plastic to manufactured than the plastic bottle with 2,2270 g of protein powder. Each such product bears a ‘Less Plastic More Care’ label and a logo in a green stripe at the top, along with some information and an invitation to join.

What 87% means in the case of BioTechUSA

Based on the 2018 sales figures, if every customer chose to buy the new, 1,816 g bag instead of the 2,270 g Iso Whey Zero, it would mean more than 100 tons less plastic annually.

It might seem a small step, but by buying the bag packaging, we can protect our environment from 111 tons of plastic in one year. And that’s only the beginning – we will soon expand the range of our specially packaged products, and our shops will provide paper bags with the purchases.

What to do with the empty plastic protein bottles

Unfortunately, our manufacturing processes do not allow us to take back the empty plastic bottles and reuse them, and for shelf life reasons, momentarily we cannot refill the bottles at our shop. However, there is a solution! Now you can choose the 1,816 g packaging size and use that to refill your bottle.

Or, reuse them creatively! Our consumers have shared lots of ideas in the social media about it. Here is step-by-step guide that shows you how to turn you bottle into a plant holder.

Join us and choose our specially packaged products

Join us and choose our specially packaged products

Iso Whey Zero Natural 1,816 g

The latest member of the Iso Whey Zero product range was created for those who don’t only consider the protection of the environment important, but also want to keep their bodies clean both ‘in and outside’. Iso Whey Zero Natural is also a whey protein isolate containing Native Whey Isolate, flavoured only with coconut extract. Besides its outstanding protein content (20 g per serving) it’s also colourant, sweetener, preservative, sugar*, lactose** and gluten-free, and, of course, it doesn’t contain any palm oil.

*The statement applies to 100 ml ready-to-consume product, dissolved in water.

**In case of maximum dilution, the ready-to-consume product is lactose-free.

Iso Whey Zero 1,816 g

The well-known formula made from premium ingredients – the inside didn’t change, only got a new appearance. Besides the special packaging, it was also given convenient handles so it can be easily carried without the need of another bag. If you still haven’t decided which protein powder to buy, choose BioTechUSA’s Iso Whey Zero, because its packaging contains significantly less plastic, and also, now it’s completely palm oil free!

Vegan Protein 500 g

It’s a perfect alternative for those who follow a vegan diet or just want to avoid consuming animal protein. Besides being sugar, lactose and gluten free, Vegan Protein is also made with the addition of three such super foods as quinoa, acai berry and goji berry, thus providing a perfect and complete source of plant-based protein, containing 19 g of protein per serving.

Zero Shake 330 ml

With 25 g of protein per serving, the Zero Shake ready-to-drink protein drink ensures shake lovers high-quality protein intake – all you need to do is open your fridge door. With 0 g added sugar and a low fat content, it’s a great alternative for those who love milk drinks, and also, it’s lactose, gluten and preservative-free. It has FSC-certified paper packaging, so it was exclusively made using raw materials from responsible forestry, taking into account the balance of logging and afforestation (reforestation).