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Supplement tips

It’s time to take supplements! But when?

If you really want to achieve the goal that you spend your money on, the timing of nutrients is crucial. Whether you go for gaining mass, increasing muscle power or physical fitness, maybe getting rid of surplus body fat, you don’t just need to choose the right supplements and take them, but take them just at the right time!

1 serving of Nitro Gold Pro Enzy Fusion

BCAA Nano 3D, 3 capsules

When you wake up, your body hasn’t been getting any food for 6-9 hours, and to be able to function properly, starts to break down your muscles, which is something you’ll obviously want to avoid. Eggs, chicken and dairy products don’t digest fast enough to stop the attack against your muscles. For that purpose, taking whey protein powder – that is, Nitro Gold Pro Enzy Fusion – is the best solution, as it transfers amino acids to your muscles within 20 minutes. Adding some BCAAs in the form of BCAA 3D will further support the process. Take at least 25-30 g of whey protein; of the BCAA, you can take 3 capsules.

If you like fruits, morning is the best time to eat them, too. That’s when the glycogen stores of the liver become depleted, due to the lack of nutrients during the night. A little sugar now comes in handy to replenish the reserves, otherwise your body starts catabolic processes, that is, breaking down your muscles. Fructose is the best choice, as when the glycogen stores are full, it gets mostly stored as body fat, because it’s too difficult to turn into useful sugar.

2. Breakfast: 30-60 minutes after waking up


Omega 3: 1-2 capsules and after dinner

After Nitro Gold Pro Enzy and fruits, you can proceed with your usual rituals such as a shower, getting dressed, doing your hair, maybe some make-up… it they apply, that is.

30-60 minutes after the shake, it’s time to get something to eat. Now you can have a full meal with eggs and cereals, and of course micronutrients, which better absorb with food. The first one on the list is Vitabolic, a multivitamin for athletes, containing a high dosage of vitamins and minerals. Hard-working athletes should, of course, supplement the multivitamin with vitamins C and E, as well as calcium. You’ll also need Omega 3 to ensure the normal functioning of your heart and brain, as well as to maintain healthy joints. Omega 3 contributes to recovery and supports fat burning, too!

3. 30 minutes before workout

Nitrox Therapy: 1 serving

If you want to maximise your physical fitness, muscle power and/or fat burning capacity during workout, add some NO booster. Girls can take it, too! Take the booster 60 minutes before workout, dissolved in 3-400 ml (in any case, plenty) of liquid. NO Boosters give you a lot of energy, help you feel your muscles, pump you up, increase your blood flow and help recovery after workout.

4. 15-30 minutes before workout

BCAA 3D: 3 capsules

Cre.TOR: 4 capsules

As the time for workout comes, you should get prepared and load up! Many consider carbs to be of primary importance, but in fact it’s the sufficient amount of amino acids that you should get into your circulation to prevent the physical strain from triggering catabolic processes during training. This will also support recovery after workout. This way, your post-workout shake won’t come late even if you train several muscle groups at the same time. Don’t forget to add BCAAs to your shake, as they are the most important fuel to your muscles during workout.

Creatine can also be taken by women. Creatine is a great fuel for your muscles, too. It revs you up, gives you energy, power and endurance, and it support muscle growth.

5. During workout

Glutanator: 5-10 g

During workout, you should only take L-Carnitine or liquid BCAAs! No need for carbs. Your blood shouldn’t be in your stomach, busy working on digestion, but in your muscles, to supply the oxygen and nutrients necessary for work!

6. Immediately after workout

NitroGold Pro ENzy Fusion: 1 serving

Carbox: 1 serving (20g)

BCAA 3D: 3 capsules

Crea.TOR: 2 capsules

Vitamin C-1000: 1 capsule

After workout, your body absorbs every nutrient with an amazing effectiveness. That’s why it’s the best time to take in the proteins and amino acids needed for muscle building and recovery, fast carbs which enhance the absorption of nutrients, as well as the most important vitamins and minerals. You can benefit most from the effects of your training within the app. 15 minutes after workout! If you don’t make full use of this period, your training is practically time wasted. You need very fast absorbing nutrients so they can get into your circulation within 45 minutes after workout, and then into your muscles.

7.         30-60 minutes before going to bed

Casein Fusion: 1 serving

Omega 3: 2 capsules

Vitamin C-1000: 1 tablets

Calcium Complete: 2 capsules

We already described ‘at breakfast’ what happens in your body during sleep. The good news is that its catabolic processes can be prevented. The solution is slow digesting protein sources, such as casein. Casein digests slowly and remains in the circulation for a long time (up to 7-8 hours), providing a continuous amino acid supply. Omega 3 slows down absorption even further more. Vitamins and minerals are needed to enhance recovery at night.