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Dealing with football injuries

During a hard competition it can be frustrating for many athletes and footballers when coping with injuries of any kind. After months of preparation and weeks of building up, it can be hard to not feel it when injury occurs during competition time but there are ways to prepare properly and there are ways to cope when you have an injury. We will begin by looking at what you can do in terms of preparing your body the best way possible for the strain of a competition.

How to prepare your body
Competitions can really take their toll on a player’s body and it is imperative that you prepare in the right way to give yourself the best chance of being injury free throughout.

Stay refreshed

It is vital you keep on top of your rest and recovery time between games. Make sure you are sleeping for at least eight hours and your sleep is uninterrupted.

Stay hydrated throughout

Keeping enough water on board before/during and after games is important so that your body has the correct balance for it to perform at a high level. Use electrolyte drinks/Bcaas during games to keep your muscles refreshed and recovering the nest way they can.

Stretch and stay flexible

Stretching can be overlooked by some athletes as a waste of time or not necessary during competitions but this isn’t true. Stretch each day and before and after games especially to keep the lactic acid away and keep your muscles feeling the best they can during your prolonged game time.


Despite all your best efforts in preparing the right way it can sometimes be out of your control whether you get an injury or not. So where do you go and what do you do if you are unlucky enough to get injured during your competition?


Despite your willingness and your eagerness to get back out there and work hard to get back into the games it is important you realise the rest period that your body will need. Rushing back from an injury can cause you to worsen it and could out you further back than you were before.

Feed your body well

The link between eating well and recovery is well known with many leading sports scientists proving the link, so eat well and keep the body fuelled the correct way. High protein foods, simple carbs and high complex carbs will help your body to repair itself whilst you remain side-lined.

Remain positive

Becoming frustrated at your injury can sometimes lead to becoming depressed or angry at why you are injured and why it has happened to you but you must try to remain positive and keep thinking that you will come back stronger. Visualising your successful return in your mind can help and knowing that these things take time should see you cope with things a little easier. Talking to people about your state of mind is also a useful thing to do as other people may have similar experiences and could have helpful words of wisdom for you.

Hopefully this breakdown of injuries and their prevention/coping with them may help you if you are unlucky enough to become injured during a tournament or competition of some kind. With a good network and team around you it should be a time for progression and reflection and you should always aim to come out the other side a stronger and more determined person than you were before so you can get up, dust yourself off and ‘do the damn thing!’


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