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Arnold Classic 2014 - Madrid: Szonja Petruska BioTech USA Bikini Model interview

Our final interview before the Arnold Classic.

Arnold Classic has a special role in the competition schedule of athletes. Why have you decided to step on stage at this prestigious event?

I love the challenges and that’s why I thought to qualify to this prestigious international competition. I’d like to learn from the more experienced international athletes. Furthermore for those who fall in love with this sport the Arnold Classic is one of the highest top. Of course I love the mediterranian countries as well and I can’t wait to explore the surrounding cities.

How do you diet for the competition? Are there any specialty in your actual nutrition?

I stick to my usual diet meals which contains rice, chicken, oatmeal, vegetables, (broccoli, zucchini) but now I play with the carbohydrate level a bit.

Which dietary supplements help you during preparation?

I take a lot of micronutrients and vitamins (Vitamins C, D, Multivitamins) besides Glutamine, BCAA, active fat burner, L-Carnitine and whey protein for support.

How does your workout change in preparation comparing to off-season?

Now we are working with smaller weights because during this period my primary concern is the definition, so the cardio trainings are greater emphasis than the muscle growing.

What are your expectations for your result at Arnold Classic?

As I said the Arnold Classic is one of the most prestigious competitions in world with a lot of experienced American and European athletes. I know I must evolve and because I’m young much remains to develop. Right now I feel that I reached the maximum out of myself during this preparation. Nevertheless I hope I can compete with the bests. Whatever the outcome will be, it will makes me stronger to reach my goal: be among the pros at all costs.