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Arnold Classic 2014 - Madrid: Zsombor Magosi BioTech USA Physique team member interview

That is how badboys prepare to the Arnold Classic.

Arnold Classic has a special place in the competition calendar of most serious athletes. Why did you decide to take the challenge of this prestigious event?

I've participated in Physique contests ever since the category has existed.

What diet do you follow when preparing for a competition? Is there anything special in your current diet?

It’s always the mirror that tells me how strict my diet should be. Whenever I feel I’m not in the shape I wanted I insert a few “zero chs” days. My standard competition diet is six weeks long, and during the last two weeks I cut carbs completely, as usually I need to lose considerable weight for this category. I don’t take in too much carbohydrate in the first 4 weeks, anyway – I only allow myself 200 g, and I also alternate chicken and fish days, which means 700-800 g.

What dietary supplements do you use while preparing for a competition?

I use the basic supplements. Daily multivitamins, BCAAs, L - glutamine, L-carnitine and Thermo Drine. I don't take in any proteins in the last six weeks.

How does your training routine differ from the foundation period?

I train six times a week during the initial period, too. That’s the time for mass gainers – creatine, beef protein, Tribooster and Wianabol. When preparing for a competition, I train twice a day; one is weight training and the other is always 1 hour of cardio, usually in the morning, on an empty stomach.

What results do you expect from Arnold Classic?

I don't want to speculate on my chances. It's a subjective sport, and the decision is fully in the hands of the jury. All I know is that I'll make every effort to go on stage in my best possible shape. I’m satisfied with being where I am now, and participation in the contest is already a success for me.
Although it was another field of sport, fortunately I know how it feels to get to the medal stand at a continental competition. I’d be lying if I said a never dream of experiencing it again.