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Arnold Classic 2014 - Madrid: Cédric Deraco BioTech USA Physique team member interview

The young frenchman wants to rule the stages of the Arnold Classic. Arnold Classic has a special role in the competition schedule of athletes. Why have you decided to step on stage at this prestigious event?

I've decided to compete for the Arnold classic after the European championship because it's a continuation into the biggest events in the Fitness industry
After 3 years of competition it's an accomplishment to have the chance to participate to this big show

How do you diet for the competition? Are there any specialty in your actual nutrition?

For this diet I reduce the carbohydrate for the week to a low level around 90g per day and for the weekend I do one or two meals full of carbs.
I've did 3 weeks very hard and for the first week of September I'm spending a full week as vacation in the South of France. Taking the Sun for a good skin quality, no stress,  only one workout in the Morning
Before to attack the 3 last hard weeks of preparation for the Arnold classic

Wich dietary supplements help you during preperation?

My supplements are classic like a lot of Bcaa and glutamine (20g each per day)
But I love to use the HMB 3000, and Iso Whey Zero.
I use AAKG 1000 and Power Force for the pump during my training.

How does your workout changes in a preperation comparing to off-season?

My workout doesn't change a lot during my preparation. I'm forced to lift lighter weight because of the fatigue due to the low level of carbs.
I just apply 3 or 4 superset series at the end of my training and I take time to do a lot of abs at the end of the training compared when I'm off season

What are your expectations for your result at Arnold Classic?

For the Arnold classic my main goal is to reach the top 10 which is synonym into the rules of the French IFBB federation of direct qualification for the next European championship
After that I really expect to get a podium to this fantastic event