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Arnold Classic 2014 - Madrid: Ágnes Sebestény BioTech USA Bikini Model interview

After she won the bronze medal last year in Madrid she wants more.

Arnold Classic has a special place in the competition calendar of most serious athletes. Why did you decide to take the challenge of this prestigious event?

This competition is so special for me because Arnold has organised an event which has such high standards and global recognition which the whole world pays attention to, and it also provides an atmosphere which I've never experienced. It feels wonderful to compete with the best ones.

What diet do you follow when preparing for a competition? Is there anything special in your current diet?

For this particular competition I’m following a ketogenic diet.

What dietary supplement do you use while preparing for a competiton?

Glutamine and BCAAs are a must for me. I also take a lot of vitamins (vitamins C and D), Calcium, Magnesium, cla, spirulina, Omega 3 and Zinc.

How does your training routine differ from the foundation period?

I do more cardio, and I also work out more. I train five times a week during this period, and I hold five cardio sessions aweek, too.

What results do you expect from Arnold Classic?

This time last year I managed to get a bronze in a fairly strong competition. Of course, I'd like to achieve even more this year.