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Arnold Classic 2014 - Madrid: Johanna Sander BioTech USA Bikini Model interview

Johanna is ready for her first international debut!

Arnold Classic has a special role in the competition schedule of athletes. Why have you decided to step on stage at this prestigious event?

The Arnold Classic is a huge event with a lot of awesome athletes. I decided to step on stage there because I thought it would be a great experience for my first international competition and also a big challenge because it's very famous and many many great athletes take part in there.

How do you diet for the competition? Are there any specialty in your actual nutrition?

My diet is based on low fat. That means I try to keep my carbs as high as possible while reducing my fat all the time depending on my body fat. I like to do an ordinary diet eating the typical stuff like rice, chicken and some vegetables.

Wich dietary supplements help you during preperation?

For burning fat the "Thermo Drine Pro" fatburner helps me a lot. I also take Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium to stay healthy during the strict diet.

How does your workout change in a preperation comparing to off-season?

My workout program doesn't change a lot. I do the same exercises. But I take less weight and do more reps instead of the workout in my off-season.

What are your expectations for your result at Arnold Classic?

I really don't know what I can expect because it's my first international competition. But I hope to reach a final place, that means Top 6, in my category. That would be really great.