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Arnold Classic 2014 - Madrid: Miguel Ángel Angulo BioTech USA Physique Team interview

Explore the professional spanish athlet's pre-contest preparation.

Arnold Classic has a special role in the competition schedule of athletes. Why have you decided to step on stage at this prestigious event?

I’ve been competing for several years and my goal this year 2014 is attending as many international events as possible, to be one of the best Men Physique competitors in the World.
Arnold Classic is a crucial international event, very important in the fitness industry, a great opportunity to be among the best.

How do you diet for the competition? Are there any specialty in your actual nutrition?

Currently, I´m reducing carbs to down a little my fat and body weight, to be more in line with the criteria of Men Physique. I’d like to be a bit more ripped for this event.

Wich dietary supplements help you during preperation?

Like for the other competitions, I use the same supplements, as I always want to give the best of me.
Mainly, basics: Protein Isolate, Glutamine and BCAAs. I also take Omega 3, CLA, HMB, magnesium, zinc, spirulina and vitamin C.

How does your workout change in preperation comparing to off-season?

To the pre-competion stage my training intensity has to be the maximum, to model my body shape and increase muscle tone while increasing training volume by introducing more cardio and abs.

What are your expectations for your result at Arnold Classic?

I trained to be in the top 3 and I will hopefully achieve that!