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Arnold Classic 2014 - Madrid: Alexis Gonzalez BioTech USA Physique Team interview

Alexis Gonzalez's been prepared for the fight on the stage of Arnold Classic.

Arnold Classic has a special role in any athlete’s competition calendar. Why have you decided to get on the stage at this prestigious event?

I’ve always thought that it’s important to have goals and the bigger they are, the bigger is my motivation and dedication.
The main reason is to prove myself what I’m capable of.

Do you change your diet for the competition?

Just little adjustments, I’m not keen on big changes and extreme adjustments don’t suit me before competitions.

Is there anything special in your current nutrition?

I guess you mean if I have a special food pattern.
Five days before, I eat carbohydrates only for breakfast.
Rest I eat proteins and cellulose.
After that, I increase carbs intake 2 or 3 days before my performance, depending on how I look and my sensations.

Which supplements help you during your preparation?

I add to the ones I usually take, L-carnitine and, if I think it’s necessary, a thermogenic too.

How do change your training method during preparation comparing to your off season routine?

I just increase a little bit the amount of repetitions. I also follow a super-series system 15 days before the competition.
I increase my cardio sessions from 20 minutes to 30-40 minutes

Which result do you expect at the Arnold Classic?

We face a really important event where all the best athletes in the continent compete.
Besides, there are many factors that can put you in a better or worse position, nerves, staging, schedule…
I hope to get as far as possible; being among the finalists in my category would be a great achievement for me.