Shaping has no limitation

Shaping has no limitation

Complex, weight control formula in capsules, without stimulants or caffeine

  • stimulant-free
  • complex formula
  • without caffeine
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BioTechUSA - Ulisses Series
"Shaper is a good partner for those who want a reliable bodyweight control formula for their strict diet. It’s a stimulant-free supplement, which even those with greater excess weight can safely take, in the long term, without limits."
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Why is it good for you?

With functional amino acids
With 2 types of herbal extract
With 4 types of trace elements
With 5 vitamins

We recommend the Shaper if you:

Would like to lose weight, even if it’s significant excess weight.
Are looking for a product that you can safely consume for a long term.
Both for ladies and gentlemen.
Are lactose intolerant.
Are sensitive to caffeine.

What does one serving contain (3 capsules)?

= one serving

612 mg L-carnitine (from L-carnitine-L-tartrate)
150 mg L-tyrosine
225 mg CLA
225 mg HCA
functional vitamin and minerals complex
More about the ingredients

Recommended use

Take 3 capsules a day

Ulisses the #1 fitness icon in our generation

Ulisses inspires millions of people to reach their goals. During the 20 years he has been active in bodybuilding, Ulisses managed to build an incredibly harmonious yet massive amount of muscle. This is why many celebrities ask him to help them reach a perfect shape. The time has come for you to be also partaking of this knowledge. Together with BioTechUSA Ulisses created Charger, the intra-workout formula of the Ulisses Series, which combines the sportman’s experience in bodybuilding and the professional skills of the premium brand acquired in the field of dietary supplements.

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